Database Architecture

We can model, design and develop your Microsoft SQL databases to conform to all your current data requirements and be availble to expand and support your future needs. The entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) that we provide, group data into entities and relates those entities to one another based on your business rules, and can help to provide a more detailed view of your company's data requirements as well as potential future problems.

The data model is merely a representation of reality, the reality of how your business stores one of its' most important assets, data. The ERD groups data into entities and relates the entities to one another based on business rules. An entity is something that has substance and about which you want to store data, such as a customer or a product group.

Like architecture or engineering, defining an organization's data architecture through data modeling is both art and science. Many solutions exist for each situation; personal or corporate preference plus experience determine the final design. Please contact us for more information about how we can assist you with your data needs.